An Executive Committee of seven members conducts the affairs of PRCAN. The Executive Committee holds office for a two-year period. The 2012-2014 Executive Committee assumed office on October 19, 2012 following elections conducted at the second Annual General Meeting of PRCAN Limited by Guarantee.

Members of the Executive Committee are
  1. Mr Chido Benedict Nwakanma, President
  2. Mr John Ehiguese, Vice President
  3. Mr ‘Muyiwa Akintunde, General Secretary
  4. Mr Tola Odusote, Assistant General Secretary.
  5. Mr Jaiye Opayemi, Publicity Secretary.
  6. Treasurer.

Ex Officio members of the Executive Committee are past presidents of the Association. They are 1. Mr Nn’emeka Maduegbuna, President 2004-2010 2. Dr Phil Osagie, President, 2010-2012