The association’s primary objective is to promote professional reputation management in Nigeria, in both the public and private sectors.

  • PRCAN helps in establishing legitimacy and respectability of the practicing firm especially when pitching for new business.
  • It also offers platform for networking, knowledge sharing on current trends and innovations through industry events and programmes that allow members interact with colleagues in the industry, competitors and potential clients. For instance, the PRCAN Breakfast Meetings, The PRCAN Annual Gold Medal Lectures, quarterly meetings etc.
  • Advocacy –PRCAN acts as the spokesperson of public relations consultants in Nigeria and to generally cater to the interest and welfare of members. Here member firms speak with one voice through PRCAN on issues affecting the industry.
  • Continuously seeking ways to foster a work with the parent body on how to tackle the rising incidences of illegalities in the profession in Nigeria, where foreign agencies are setting up to offer public relations services in contravention of NIPR Act 16 of 1990.
  • As a result of the efforts to sanitize the industry, many clients now require evidence of membership of PRCAN at PR pitches.
  • PRCAN meetings, events and other communication channels provide a forum for sharing opinions on issues of common interest, addressing industry issues, sharing experience and best practice with peers
  • Member-firms represent a trusted network of professionals for new businesses.
  • The PRCAN Masterclass trainings comes discounted to all members.
  • Invitation to all PRCAN events

Ultimately, membership of PRCAN is a legal requirement for firms wishing to offer public relations services in Nigeria as stated in Bye Law Number 3 1993 of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) Act 16, 1990, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria.