The observance of this is a condition for membership.

PRCAN may reprimand, suspend or expel any member who infringes this code, or who in its opinion, conducts itself in any manner which discredits the profession.

Principles objectives for the Association are:

  1. To raise and maintain standards of Public Relations Consultancy practice.
  2. To provide facilities for Governing, Public bodies, Associations, Industry, Trade and others.
  3. To confer with Public Relations Consultants as a body and to ascertain their collective views.
  4. To promote confidence in Public Relations Consultancy and consequently in Public Relations as a whole, and act as a spokes-body for Consultancy practice.

Members must comply with the Code of Consultancy Practice which defines the qualifications and obligations of a Public Relations Consultancy and its relations with its clients.

A disciplinary Committee is appointed by the Board of Management of PRCAN to handle any violations or breaches of the Code by members. PRCAN is governed by a Board of Management under a President serving a two-year term.