Membership of PRCAN is for corporate organizations practising PR Consultancy in Nigeria.

A duly completed application form is to be returned to PRCAN with the following documents for processing:

– Company profile

– Copy of NIPR membership certificate

– Copy of Certificate of Incorporation.

It is a requirement that applying agency should have the three vital units (Media unit, Clients service and Corporate affairs) well setup and heads of these units should be members of NIPR.

As part of the process, membership team will carry out an accreditation visit to your agency to ascertain that it is a brick and mortar agency.

Following a positive outcome of their assessment and recommendations, a membership certificate will be given to the agency at a formal induction ceremony.

The total fee is #400,000. This is Broken down as #300,000 registration and induction fee,

#100,000 annual dues for the year of admission.

Subsequent annual dues is #100,000 per annum.

You may return completed form and relevant documents to our secretariat or send to us by email at

Download Application Form